It was about his time of year in 2005, when my dear friends Eddie and Martha Williams were making a “life-changing” decision. For weeks, they had been coordinating the relief efforts of North Carolina Baptists in Gulfport, MS following the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. Eddie and Martha had done such a superior job of coordinating the thousands of Tar Heel Baptists who had raced to Gulfport that they had been asked to resign their jobs back in North Carolina, leave their home in the beautiful city of Spruce Pine, say good-bye to family and friends and MOVE to Gulfport. That’s right MOVE to the strike zone of the worst natural disaster in American history.

Eddie and Martha, two faithful people of prayer, began to petition the Lord for His leadership in their lives. When He said “GO” they said good-bye and spent the next 2.5 years living in a recreational camper directing the efforts of 40,000 volunteers who helped rebuild homes and lives in the city where I lived and ministered as a Pastor.

Now, you’re probably thinking Eddie and Martha really made a decision that changed their lives and you would be correct. But their decision changed many more lives than just two. The decision of Eddie and Martha to move to and minister in Gulfport changed the lives of the thousands of Mississippians who were blessed by their sacrificial service.

Take a moment and watch this video tribute to two people, who through great personal sacrifice were willing to “Cross the Culture” and be the loving hands and feet of Jesus. As you watch ask yourself, “What life-changing decision do I need to make?”