It was 4th down with 6 yards to go and we trailed by 5 points.  The game clock had just dropped below 60 seconds and the coach called a time out.  In the huddle, the coach looked at us and said, “What should we call, we need 6 yards.”  I thought to myself, “We need more than 6 yards, we need a touchdown.”  I told coach, “We should run the option left pass.”  This would catch the defense off guard and give us a chance to score.  The coach took my advice, we ran the play, scored a touchdown, won the game, and I felt pretty good about myself.

 I learned a lot about life that night on the football field.  Many people live within lines that are painted by society, family, ourselves, and others.  We see life as existing in the here and now, the “We only need 6 yards” mentality.  The danger in living within those lines is that we fail to see the larger mosaic that is God’s will directs for our lives. 

In Acts Chapter 16, Paul sees a vision and hears a calling to go to Macedonia.  This was not in his plan.  Paul’s plan was to go to Asia.  God’s will for Paul’s life was for him to reach to Gentile people.  It was not a place and time calling while certainly there were those along the way, it was a greater calling.  Paul, without hesitation, went to where God called, outside the painted lines and into the mosaic of God’s will.  This obedience launched what is arguably the greatest missionary and church planting movement in human history.

What is God’s will for you?  I would urge you to look beyond the “6 yards” in your life that is simply a place and time and seek the larger goal of reaching people who need Christ.  This may take you to a place like New York, a place like Bihar, India, or maybe to a lost neighbor in your backyard.  The “where” is not important, the “why” and the “who for” are what counts for eternity.