I remember it like it happened yesterday. Every week Mrs. Tucker, a parent volunteer at Colfax Elementary, would come into our class and read one chapter of what became my favorite fictional book, A Cricket in Times Square

I hung on every word she read. As a boy growing up in a town with no stoplight, the adventures of Chester Cricket brought New York City to life. New York City was truly a magical place with subways, bright lights and liverwurst sandwiches. The country-born Connecticut cricket now living in Times Square never knew how he would survive. Chester not only survived, he overcame his anxiety and as he left Time Square chirped a concert that literally stopped the people of New York City in their footsteps.

 North Carolina Baptists are now heading to New York City, a place that is the unofficial capital of the world. Over 200 people groups and 18 million people make up the area where the Metropolitan Baptist Association churches are meeting. God has richly blessed us as North Carolina Baptists and with that blessing comes a responsibility. 

 Each person who enters a relationship with Jesus Christ accepts the responsibility of the Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations. God is calling us to a place that for many will seem too big and way out of our comfort zone. I pray North Carolina Baptists will be faithful to hear God’s call and go literally to where the world is, singing the beautiful song of the Gospel in word and deed.

 Learn more about ministry opportunities in New York City here.

Mike Sowers