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More Than Ever Before – A Pastor’s Guide

Pray! Prayerfully commit to More Than Ever Before (MTEB) Research Discover your church’s largest gift to date to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO). This information is usually reported each […]


Worth the Time

The Annual Meeting of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina has many purposes.  One of the most valuable opportunities is the chance to hear what God is doing and […]


Mission Creep: A Major Obstacle to Becoming Great Commission Baptists

As the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) moves toward her annual meeting in New Orleans much is being spoken and written concerning the expected recommendation of a new descriptor for the […]


New York – Big City, Bright Lights!

I remember it like it happened yesterday. Every week Mrs. Tucker, a parent volunteer at Colfax Elementary, would come into our class and read one chapter of what became my […]


My Needs vs. Their Need

When I was a college student at the University of Texas I heard many a sermon during Sunday morning worship, Sunday night worship, and through Wednesday lunch at the Baptist […]