“Jesus certainly wasn’t talking to me!” That is the conviction flowing through the lives of too many Christians these days. When we read the words of the Master, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations …” we live as if we are convinced “Jesus certainly wasn’t talking to me.” News flash Christ-follower: Jesus was talking to you and He was talking to me and He was talking to every believer. You see, the Great Commission is a personal commission. The language indicates Jesus said, “As you are going, make disciples of all nations.” He did not assign the task of global disciple-making to a denomination or agency or mission board. Jesus assigned the task of global disciple-making to each and every one of His followers. Sadly, that’s not the way we live, and worse, we do not appear to be trying.  We don’t try to make disciples of our co-workers at the office, or our classmates at school, or our friends in social settings and most tragically, sometimes we don’t even try to make disciples of the family members in our homes. Believers today live as if we think disciple-making is someone else’s job. It’s the preacher’s job at church or the missionary’s job in a distant land but it’s not my job because “Jesus certainly wasn’t talking to me.”  Well friend, simply stated – YOU’RE WRONG! Jesus was talking to you. Now, “As you are going, make disciples…!”