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June 13, 2012


Worship Backing Band Offers Great Resources for Churches with Few or No Musicians

by Kenny Lamm

Does your church sometimes only have half a full band or even no band at all? Do you need something to fill in for missing musicians? Utilizing technology that is available to the church today can be an answer for churches with limited resources. I recently wrote about one such resource– (see post). Today, I would like to share with you several resources from Worship Backing Band. a sister company to Musicademy, the leading provider of instructional resources for musicians involved in worship. In future posts, I will explore additional resources for churches that are struggling with providing worship leadership.

Worship Backing Band offers several different products for churches. Each church should determine which of these options is best for them:

The MultiTrack Player - the simplest solution for churches that don’t have a full band. Hugely versatile with over 100 contemporary worship songs to choose from. More on this product later in this post.

SplitTrack Video Downloads – downloadable video backing tracks with on-screen words and split track vocals. This means that you can choose the volume level of the vocal from 0 to full via your left/right audio balance so that you can hear either no vocals, some vocals or a full vocal lead. Buy just the songs you need and order your own play lists.

Worship Backing Band DVDs - 54 songs with on-screen words and pre programmed play lists for churches and small groups without musicians. There’s also a version with on screen chords for musicians to use as practice tracks. The best value product for the number of songs but with the least functionality of all the product options.

Click through for an excellent detailed comparison of the three backing track products.

The MultiTrack Player

This option is the most exciting option that they offer. This virtual worship band gives you many ways to customize your experience. Read on:

The simplest software interface
They’ve designed the MultiTrack player to be the easiest to use multi-track system for people and churches without technical expertise or knowledge music recording software like Ableton, Protools or even Garageband. It’s very, very simple to use. Drag your songs in to the playlist area, mute and adjust instrument volumes to taste and you’re ready to go! So as long as you can use a TV remote control, you can use this. The program is a browser-based Mac or PC software player, but is designed to be used offline so you don’t need to be connected to the internet to use it. The last thing you want is for your worship service to be interrupted by a bad broadband connection!

14 multi track stems

Each song has 14 instrument ‘stems’ you can adjust the volume on or mute. These are: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Electric Guitar 1 & 2, Keyboards 1 & 2, Bass, Drums, Extras, Click, Natural click (shaker), 2 bar intro click, spoken word vocal cue.

Front of house and foldback (monitor) mixes

Every stem has a left and right volume fader. You can use one side for the congregation and the other as a different mix for your band’s audio monitoring. This comes into it’s own if you are using the click tracks and vocal cues. To do this you need a standard splitter cable from the headphone output of your laptop that goes into two channels of your mixing desk.

Automated play lists

Simply open up your player song library and drag some songs into the playlist area. Then hit play. When your song finishes the next one automatically lines up but wont play until you tell it to, just so you can make sure all your musicians are ready.

Top class vocals and musicianship

All our tracks feature top class lead and backing vocals. Many other brands of backing track don’t have lead vocals and sometimes it’s really hard to follow where the song goes if you don’t have some kind of vocal. So even if you have strong singers sometimes a quality lead vocal set low in the mix can act as a great song structure guide. In addition to that we have a spoken word vocal cue reminding you of hard to remember lyrics.

Its all backed up by first class playing by some of the UK’s top Christian session musicians involved in today’s contemporary worship recordings.

Take a look at this promotional video to learn more:

Upgrades to the software, coming soon, include pitch shifting and tempo change! Looping and repeating sections of songs is in the works for the future. Twenty new songs are in the pipeline as well.

Cost of the software is $19.99. Songs can be purchased individually at $8.99 each, or in quantity purchases to under $7 each.

Be sure to check out the great DVD training resources that Musicademy offers here.

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  1. jim
    Jun 14 2012

    Great recommendation. There are definitely some advantages / unique features that the 3 options above have for churches who have limited people, dollars, and / or technical capabilities (audio / video). The MultiTrack player looks to be a good solution if a church is looking to blend contemporary music into their worship and they already have an existing house sound system.

    Our traveling praise & worship band has been using Fly worship software for a while now and our band makeup can vary at any time from 1-3 guitarists and 2-4 singers. Fly gives us both the audio (band) and video (projected lyrics) capability in one package, with the ability to select and mix 9 instrument tracks into stereo audio output (2 channels). Lead / background vocals are not part of their supplied / purchased “tracks” (although they can be added if the user has the digital music skills to do so).

    • Jun 14 2012

      I will be featuring Fly Worship in an upcoming post. I use WBB and Fly worship as my two main Virtual Worship Bands to demonstrate to churches. Great stuff. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Bob Clark
    Jun 14 2012

    Also on the lifewayworship website is an app called “Band in Hand” where you can purchase multitrack songs for cheap, and it comes with a click track and any instruments that you may not have. All you need is a smartphone. I play accoustic guitar and it is great for small groups and other venues. You have a traveling band on your phone.


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