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November 14, 2012


iSingWorship Offers Yet Another Virtual Band Option for Churches with Limited Resources

by Kenny Lamm

In past posts, I have introduced several resources for leading worship when you do not have live musicians available. Each option has different advantages and disadvantages (I will be doing a close comparison of all these products in December). iSingWorship is a virtual worship band app, like Worship Band-in-Hand, that runs on iPhone or iPad platforms. Of the four virtual bands, it is by far the least expensive to use. Let’s take a look.

There are many smaller churches and small groups meeting regularly who struggle to make their worship effective due to a lack of available musicians. Some have turned to commercially available CDs or instrumental backing tracks to help with their worship, but these solutions are not always ideal as the lack of flexibility often proves to be problematic. In addition, worship songs produced for commercial CDs are often recorded in the original singers’ most comfortable key, which is rarely suitable for congregational use. (for more on congregationally-friendly keys, see my previous posts here and here.)

iSingWorship will provide you with great sounding music from top producers and musicians in congregationally-friendly keys. It will also automatically display the lyrics accurately in perfect sync (no need for PowerPoint) and, most importantly, allow for highly flexible control of the music. You can even display the chords with the lyrics on screen to use if you play along.


While the song is playing, you can tap on the section of the song you would like to play next, giving you complete flexibility in how the sections of the song will flow. If you tap on the section that is playing, it will repeat. If you tap on a section a third time will keep it repeating (loop). Occasionally, some sections may be grayed out if they wouldn’t work musically following the currently playing section.


Audio Setting

iSingWorship’s audio mixer is simpler than the other virtual bands, but it does not give you as many options. However, in many settings, it is just what you need. You can choose to have lead vocals assist you at any volume level. You can choose to have accompaniment by full band, by acoustic guitar only, or by band without acoustic guitar (so you can play along).



A great feature of this app is that it will display lyrics to the song. You can display song lyrics on an external screen (TV, computer screen or via a projector) automatically in perfect sync with the music. A range of nice background pictures or simple solid colors can be chosen to display behind the lyrics.



You have the option to display chords (with lyrics) on the device screen while lyrics only are displayed on the external screen.



Prepare your set list of songs in advance – you can have each song play continuously one into the next or insert pauses between any or all of them.


Growing library of songs

The song library contains some of the the most popular worship songs with many more currently in production. Take a look at the available songs.



Here’s the great news. The app is totally free, and the songs only cost $1.99 USD each. The iSingWorship app is available to download now free of charge. Songs can be purchased from the built in song store using your iTunes account details. Any purchased song may be downloaded again free of charge onto different devices owned by the same person using their iTunes account details.


Quick Overview


More Detailed Information


iSingWorship is a great app that is just right for many situations where you need to lead worship with limited resources. Be sure to take a look.





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  1. Richard D
    Feb 20 2014

    I found this app just yesterday and believe me it’s the best thing since sliced bread. My church is small and has no musicians except me. I play guitar and most of our songs are either done with me and a drum machine or with songs from Lifeway worship which is another great sight. However, both those options, while they are adequate and work well for us still do not give us what Isingworship does. This app give you the ability to set the son the way you want or change the order of the song on the fly just by tapping where you want to go. The key changer is great because we can not always sing where the pros sing. th only drawback that i see is the availability of songs is small. I hope they will add more songs soon. thanks and God bless all the small churches out there trying to do worship without musicians.

  2. Jan 10 2013

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  3. JimP
    Nov 15 2012

    looks like a really nice app. like you said, picking the right one is all about what you need, how flexible the solution is, and total cost of ownership. this is a great choice if someone already has an appropriate apple device. thanks for posting this!


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