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June 5, 2013

Oasis Music and Worship Conference

by Kenny Lamm

The Oasis Music and Worship conference will be held July 15-17 at Campbell University. Join outstanding musicians including Pepper Choplin, Joseph Martin, and Randy Edwards as well as the NC Baptist All-State Choir in this conference designed with a more-traditional approach.

There are lots of breakout classes in five tracks, music reading sessions to help you discover new music for your choirs, and there are also three concerts for you to enjoy. There’s quite a bit of great stuff packed into three days. Take a look:

Breakout Sessions

Worship Leader

  • Keepers of the Song - led by Joseph Martin.
  • Choral Techniques from the Real World – led by Pepper Choplin. A collection of down to earth ideas to help the typical church choir sing with passion and with a quality sound.
  • Vocal Training for the Individual Singer – led Pepper Choplin, We’ll explore the basics of good singing and learn ways to improve tone, resonance, breath control, etc. We’ll sing  as a class and allow volunteers to come up and receive a mini voice lesson.
  • Thinking Outside the Loft – led by Joseph Martin.
  • Staying Alive: Why the Conventional Wisdom about Traditional Churches Is Wrong – led by Mark Wingfield.
  • Staying Alive II – led by Mark Wingfield.
  • Music Technology for the Small Church – led by Devin Hocutt.
  • Top Anthems for the Small Church Choir – led by David Archer. How do you find good music for churches without a lot of choir members? We will show and sing through musical gems that will help your small choir sparkle.
  • Handbell Music Reading Session – led by Blake Long. This bonus session gives you the opportunity to join with others in ringing through exciting handbell music.
  • Worship Services for the Church Year – led by Clif Harris. Learn to use the church year and the Lectionary to plan worship services. We will explore ideas for telling the story of God’s redemptive work in the world with worship experiences in all church settings

Pastor Track

  • Recovery of the Soul – led by Mac Wallace. These breakout sessions will describe some of the ways we neglect and deplete our soul around our important relationships. We will discuss biblical passages and some writings of Paul Tillich and Henri Nouwen that relate to this topic. The goal is to raise our awareness of paths for recovery and maintenance in our most vital relationships: God, self, and others. Three sessions; the second and third expand upon the first, but conferees are welcome to select one session only.
  • Recovery of the Soul 2 – led by Mac Wallace. The goal is to raise our awareness of paths for recovery and maintenance in our most vital relationships: God, self, and others.
  • Recovery of the Soul 3 – led by Mac Wallace. The goal is to raise our awareness of paths for recovery and maintenance in our most vital relationships: God, self, and others.
  • Staying Alive: Why the Conventional Wisdom about Traditional Churches Is Wrong – led by Mark Wingfield.
  • Staying Alive II – led by Mark Wingfield.

Children’s Choir Track

  • Stage Left or Stage Fright! – led by Lynn Gordon. Have you ever wanted to do a children’s musical but were afraid to tackle it? This session will help those of you who only have one children’s choir and it’s made of every child in the church!
  • Resources for Children’s Choir – led by Lynn Gordon.  This session looks at resources, curriculum, anthem’s, and lots more for children’s choir.
  • Music Games for Children’s Choir – led by Ran Whitley. Have fun while teaching real musical concepts to children.
  • Orff Instruments – led by Ran Whitley. This session will offer an introduction for the Karl Orff approach of teaching music to children in the church context. This class will be highly active and experiential. Come dressed to move around.

Accompanist/Organist/Pianist Track

  • Organ Worship Service Music that Inspires! – led by Danny Hester. This session will feature organ music that is appropriate for regular weekly services, weddings, funerals, and special services. It will also include hymn enhancements and free-style improvisational ideas for congregational singing. Come be inspired by the majestic and warm sounds of the Stephens Pipe Organ built by the Cornel Zimmer Organ Company.
  • An Oasis of Registration – led by Danny Hester. This session will examine the process of selecting the registration for an organ. The clinician will play and demonstrate the pipe organ in Butler Chapel which has a total of 106 drawknobs that control the four manuals and pedalboard. It includes many interesting features and stops that may inspire worshipers.
  • Piano Literature – led by Joseph Martin.

Youth Choir Track

  • Here, Ministry Begins and Ends – Beauty – led by Randy Edwards. As worship leaders we have music as a primary tool-but not only music. There is also nature, art, science, dance, craftsmanship, athleticism, activism, friendship, compassion, philanthropy, mission endeavors, and acts of kindness. All these arenas and more hold displays of beauty for observant eyes of all ages.
  • Flashpoints of Passion – led by Randy Edwards. Those who have a fire in their bones to see choral music stay vibrant will engage significantly with their students, becoming inspirations, friends, mentors, and unofficial guidance counselors. The rewards for passionate leadership are eternally enormous. You are invited to share the dream and do the work!
  • Adolescence: Brains under Construction – led by Randy Edwards. The frontal lobes of the brain do not fully develop until sometime between ages 21 and 25. When youth choir directors “do the simple math” on that fact, we realize that the youth choir kids we direct are still years away from being able to function as mature adults. They look mature. They can sound grown-up. They might even have impressive qualities that appear “beyond their years.” But their brains are still under construction, growing, developing, changing.  We need to pay careful attention to that!
  • Doubling Back – led by Randy Edwards. Although youth choir ministry must never become simply “repetitive motion,” it is still important for directors to be just as effective at beginning new seasons as we are putting together the season-ending tours. Our call is to teach and re-teach, to inspire and re-inspire, to motivate and re-motivate the students we serve. The key to this process is the depth and quality of the relationships we develop with our students. Let’s talk about that.
  • The End Game – Compassion – led by Randy Edwards. There is no greater calling than to unveil in students’ lives the treasure-trove of compassion within them. Every rehearsal we hold, every measure we sing, every text we memorize, and every life we touch can reveal to them and foster in them compassion and love of Christ.

Free Evening Inspirational Concerts  

Carnegie at the Creek – Monday, July 15, 7:00 p.m.

As part of OASIS 2013 at Campbell University, you have the privilege of enjoying Carnegie at the Creek on Monday night, July 15. Joseph Martin and Pepper Choplin, and local choir members will present a concert on opening night of OASIS, using a selection of their presentation in Carnegie Hall last spring. The concert will feature hymn anthems based in American folklore and traditional hymnody accompanied by local blue grass musicians.

From Laughter to Inspiration – Tuesday, July 16, 7:30 p.m.

On Tuesday night, Joseph Martin and Pepper Choplin, nationally known composers, arrangers, performers, and humorists, will be in concert.  Beginning on the lighter side with stories and songs to make you smile, they will lead you to a worshipful place using their own songs, congregational singing, and piano arrangements to take you “to the throne of grace.”

The NC Baptist All-State Youth Choir – Wednesday, July 17, 7:00 p.m.

On Wednesday evening, the North Carolina Baptist All-State Youth Choir will begin their choir tour with Oasis with an exciting concert of sacred choral music!

All Concerts will be held in the Robert B. and Anna Gardner Butler Chapel

Registration and More Information


More Information


Pepper Choplin is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Beginning his music training at the age of four, he grew up singing and playing piano, trumpet, guitar and banjo.  Choplin has published more than 200 school and church choir anthems and incorporates folk, gospel, classical, and jazz in many of them.  He serves as Minister of Music at Greystone Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC.

Joseph Martin is a graduate of Furman University and the University of Texas, Austin.  He is Director of Sacred Publications at Shawnee Press. He has won numerous awards and has more than 1,000 compositions in print.  He co-authored a fully graded, progressive piano method for the Christian student called Keys for the Kingdom.

Mark Wingfield is a veteran religious journalist who is enjoying a second career in local church ministry. He serves as executive pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, which has been cited as a model congregation for creativity, excellence and intentionality. He has written thousands of articles for national news outlets, magazines and a variety of newspapers. He is the author of Staying Alive: Why the Conventional Wisdom About Traditional Churches is Wrong.  The conventional wisdom says it’s not possible to thrive today as a traditional congregation whether “traditional” means worship style or program structure. Staying Alive takes readers on a journey across America to look for best practices of thriving traditional congregations.

Randy Edwards is founder and president of YouthCue, a non-profit multidenominational organization which seeks to foster the growth and development of church and school youth choirs.  He has produced 64 professionally recorded CDs with youth choirs, adult choirs, and orchestra.  He wrote the textbook recognized by universities and seminaries across America as the standard on the subject of church youth choirs.  He has composed and published 18 choral anthems.

Danny Hester, (Organ) Adjunct Professor of Organ, Organist, Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC

Blake Long, (Handbells) Handbell Specialist, Clayton, NC

Mac Wallace, (Spiritual Formation), Senior Professor of Pastoral Care, Campbell University Divinity School, Buies Creek, NC

Ran Whitley, (Children’s Choir) Chair of Division of Fine Arts and Professor of Music Education, Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC

Lynn M. Gordon, (Children’s Choir) Coordinator of Children’s Worship, Director of Children’s Choirs, Christ United Methodist Church, Greensboro, NC

Devin Hocutt, (Music Technology) Minister of Music, Baptist Grove Baptist Church, Lillington, NC, and Chorus Teacher, Southeast Raleigh Magnet School, Raleigh, NC

Clif Harris, (Worship Leader) Associate Pastor of Music and Worship, Winter Park Baptist Church, Wilmington, NC and adjunct professor, Campbell Divinity School

David Archer, (Worship Leader) Minister of Music, Antioch Baptist Church, Mamers, NC

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