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September 4, 2013


Conflict Over Styles of Worship?

by Kenny Lamm

As long as we have had organized church and people with personal preferences, there has been conflict over styles of worship. Take a look at this brief video that adds some humor to the conflict in worship.


What style of worship do you prefer?  Why?

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  1. Dec 31 2014

    It really doesn’t make a difference what style or the type of music, if the Holy Spirit is not in it, you might as well go home. If the congregation worships G-d in spirit and truth then, G-d will show up and after all, that’s what we really want isn’t it?

  2. Martin
    Sep 6 2013

    I prefer to mix both old hymns (even with a modern sound) and also the latest songs. By that I believe I can reach both the old people and the youths in our church. As for the incense and lava lamps etc I like to keep P&W on a spiritual level and try not to use things that can distract the audience.
    As when giving a concert, now that is something else. During a concert you are allowed to put on stage what ever you like.


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