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Learning from a Parody on Contemporary Worship

Often, churches change their worship styles for the wrong reasons, using a formula they see in mega churches. A few years ago, North Point Community Church produced a parody video on this. James Emery White of Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte, NC, helps us analyze the pitfalls in this approach. Read more


Great Sources for Contemporary Hymn Arrangements

Many churches seek to be relevant to their congregations and communities by utilizing more modern styles of music. Some churches have completely thrown out the old hymns because they feel they seem too archaic and disconnected from today’s culture. Many churches find great value in still including great hymns of the faith by presenting them in a more contemporary musical setting. Read more »


Transitioning – Part 2 – Technology Improvement

East City Church has begun a journey of worship transformation. Last week, I introduced the church and the summary of steps that would be needed. This week, I will explore the need for technology improvement to support the desired changes. Read more »


Worship Wars 10: Should Churches Offer Differing Styles of Worship?

(Note: For best impact, begin with the first post of the series.)

Churches across our country have found a way to avoid worship wars in their church. The solution: offer worship services of varying styles so that everyone can attend a service that meets their personal preferences. It seems to make sense. We want to reach the community around us (missionary mentality), yet we do not want to impose new musical styles and other new forms of communication on those that prefer older forms of communication and music. This way, we can reach our community and keep our existing congregation content. Seems like a win-win. Maybe not. Read more »