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Environmental Projection

There is no easier, more effective way to change the mood of a room than with lighting. (Check out last week’s post on Church Stage Design Ideas and the post on church lighting.) Typically, to accomplish a great “environment” in a room required a fairly extensive lighting system, but a new trend in the worship market has put this goal within reach of many churches and ministries. The trend is Environmental Projection. Read more »


Church Stage Design Ideas

Last week’s post discussed lighting in worship. Some lighting effects can greatly enhance the corporate worship experience–others can be a distraction. Additionally, much can be done with lighting and creativity to transform the front area of your worship space to an area that enhances worship, and much of this can be done on a tight budget. Read more »

laser worship

Lighting Effects in Worship

Using specialized lighting in worship can be a tremendous benefit in setting an appropriate worship environment–one that I endorse wholeheartedly. I have attended many churches that have done an awesome job of using lighting to create a great worship space. Recently I attended a church that I felt had taken lighting effects too far for worship. While everything done in the service was with great excellence, the fairly dense fog and moving lights that continued to sweep through the crowd seemed distracting. These elements seemed to create a concert environment rather than a worship environment, and I feel this is another way we can create a culture of spectators in worship rather than active participants. Guest writer, Mark Logan, of weighs in with a great article on lighting effects in worship: Read more »