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Keeping Up with the Great New Songs for Worship

Great new songs for worship are prevalent today. There’s also quite a bit of music written today that should be bypassed for corporate worship. As worship leaders, we need to stay current with newer music to find those gems that will connect with our congregation–those songs that are textually and musically worthy.

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Ten Ways to Find New Songs for Worship

In the old days, song selection for congregational singing was pretty much a look into your denominational’s hymnal. Today things have vastly changed with multiple sources of new music from around the world. How do we identify new songs that are worthy of singing in our churches? Here are 10 ways to find new songs: Read more »
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Is Your Church Rushing to the 1980s?

My family was out of state this past weekend and attended a “blended” service Sunday morning. I realize many of our churches are struggling to determine what their corporate worship should look like, but unfortunately (as I experienced this weekend), what I see in most settings is a rush to move from the 1950s to the 1980s.

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Top 100 Worship Songs of 2011 from PraiseCharts

Looking for the most up-to-date Top 100 CCLI songs? Click here.

As we look back over 2011 and the vast amounts of new worship songs that are circulating, it is helpful to see what songs seem to be working in other churches. (Why is this important?) Each week, I update the top 20 CCLI and LifeWayWorship songs to help you keep your finger on the pulse of worship music. Today, I have listed the top 100 selling songs from another major player in the worship music field– Take a look. There are some great songs on this list.

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Do You Have a Comprehensive Song List?

I am amazed by how many worship leader/planners put together the times of corporate worship without a comprehensive song list, which I consider a critical tool for planning. Read more »

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How to Evaluate Songs for Worship

Last week’s post discussed ways to find potential new songs for you to use in worship. Today we will look at some tools to evaluate the songs you discover to see if they are useable in your church’s worship.

As you begin to select the songs that your church will sing, remember that people recall far more songs than they do Bible verses. If you were to poll the people in your church, I am sure you would find that most people can quote many more songs from memory than Bible verses. Because of this, we need to realize the enormity of the our responsibility to select quality songs that reflect good theology. Read more »

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How to Find Great, New Songs for Worship

Several weeks ago I wrote about the importance of using new songs in worship (take a look at that post). Today, I will discuss ways to find great, new songs to use in your worship services. Later, we will look at ways to evaluate those songs to see if they are “fit” for worship in your church.

One of the best ways to find new songs is to see what is most popular among other churches. Read more »


Introducing New Songs

Last week, I continued my series on things we do to create spectators in our church rather than active, participative worshippers. I began my discussion of how new songs can be a worship enhancer or a worship killer. Be sure to take a look at that post if you have not yet done so.When new songs are first introduced, the people have to take their eyes off the Lord and concentrate on the task of learning the new tune. There are ways we can introduce new songs that reduce the negative impact and promote the tremendous positives. Read more »

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New Songs: A Worship Enhancer or Worship Killer?

Today’s post is my third installment discussing things we do to create a culture of spectators in our churches rather than creating an environment that helps people worship with heart, soul, mind, and strength in participatory worship. Be sure to read the last two week’s posts if you have not done so already. Week One. Week Two.

Today, I will address another major hindrance to participatory worship–new songs. Read more »

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A Real KEY to Producing Spectators in Worship

Last week’s post began a discussion of things we do to create a culture of spectators in our church rather than creating an environment that helps people worship with heart, soul, mind, and strength in participatory worship. If you did not have a chance to read that post, please take time to read that one first.

Today, I want to address perhaps one of the greatest “transgressions” of worship leaders that leads to congregational spectatorship–the key of the song. Read more »