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Transitioning – Part 2 – Technology Improvement

East City Church has begun a journey of worship transformation. Last week, I introduced the church and the summary of steps that would be needed. This week, I will explore the need for technology improvement to support the desired changes. Read more »

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Transitioning Your Church’s Corporate Worship – Part One

Many churches today realize there is a need to transform their times of corporate worship from a traditional style to a unified (some would say “blended) or more contemporary style of worship. My Worship Wars series will help you think through some of these issues. Once a church decides to make a change, your next steps can really help or hurt the process. Read more


Is Change Necessary? Then Burn Your Boats!

Several of my posts have suggested that change in your church’s corporate worship may be necessary for your church to thrive and reach the community around you. My friend and counterpart from the Kansas-Nebraska Convention,David Manner, illustrates a radical step churches may need to take when change is needed–burn the boats. Read on: Read more »

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Are You Leading Worship Change with a Wrecking Ball? Try Deconstruction!

Are you in the midst of changing worship in your church, or are you considering doing so in the near future? My friend and counterpart from the Kansa-Nebraska Convention, David Manner, helps us think through two methods of worship change. These are some great words to consider:

Read more »


Transitions IV – Cast a Clear, Unified Vision

To successfully transition a church’s worship, there must be a clear, understandable vision that is placed before the people. And with that, as leaders, we MUST know clearly where we are going. So often, churches that encounter worship wars do so because the leadership begins making changes without casting a vision of why the changes are being made. Read more »


Transitions III – Start Where the People Are

In the first post on transitioning your church’s worship, I quoted an article by Mark Cole:

Start where the people are. Begin with songs they know and love and worship God with those songs. Gradually introduce new songs that especially lead people to worship. Make sure that you, your musicians, and your sound people are doing a good job musically with the songs.

Today, I want to explore this concept in more detail. Read more »

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Transitions II: Don’t Move too Quickly

In last week’s post, one of the first suggestions in transitioning a church’s worship was to “start where they are.” There are many churches that are desiring to move their worship from a traditional style of worship to a unified or more contemporary style of worship. Often, we as leaders clearly see the goal, and we would love to make the transition next Sunday. Read more »


How Do We Transition Our Church’s Worship? (part one)

Over the past months, I have been writing about worship wars and looking carefully at formats and styles of worship services. Now many are asking, “How do we move our church’s worship from where we are today to the desired future?” That’s a great question, and I will take some time to explore possibilities in the next few weeks, but first, make sure the “desired future” is not just your “desired future” for the worship of your church–make sure you have spent much time in prayer, seeking God’s plan and desires. Read more »