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Great New Songs Banner

Keeping Up with the Great New Songs for Worship

Great new songs for worship are prevalent today. There’s also quite a bit of music written today that should be bypassed for corporate worship. As worship leaders, we need to stay current with newer music to find those gems that will connect with our congregation–those songs that are textually and musically worthy.

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Generations Worship

Why Grandparents and Grandchildren Can’t Worship Together

I have written and spoken much about unified worship, where multiple generations and ethnicities can worship together. My friend and counterpart from the Kansas-Nebraska Convention, David Manner, pens a great article helping us look at those things that can divide our congregations’ worship and how that can be overcome. Read more


forScore app for iPad – My Music Reader of Choice

From time to time I like to share with you tools that I find extremely helpful in worship ministry. One of my favorite apps is forScore. I am able to keep my entire library of music within this app and have many powerful tools at my disposal. Read more »

Church Change

What to Do When Your Church Changes

So much of what we call “worship wars” is tied up in people’s reactions to change. Joe McKeever, (pastor, author, cartoonist, and much more) helps churches understand and cope with change. Read this reprint of his post: Read more »

one worship style

Six Reasons Some Churches Are Moving Back to One Worship Style

Thom Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, has observed six reasons some churches are moving back to one worship style. Take a look at his post: Read more »


Technologies for Churches with Limited Musician Resources, Part Five – Fly Worship

Fly Worship is designed to help facilitate worship in small churches or other settings where there is a shortage of musicians and/or audio/video technical people. Technically, it is a customizable software application that uses audio tracks and can be controlled by a foot pedal or keyboard.   Read more »


Technologies for Churches with Limited Musician Resources, Part Four – Worship Backing Band

When we first reviewed the original MultiTrack player for churches from the folks over at Worship Backing Band, we discovered a very easy to use software package for small churches wanting to fill in for missing musicians by adding top quality multi track instruments tracks to their existing worship team.

Now Worship Backing Band’s upgraded version, the Pro Wav Player still keeps the simplicity of the original software interface but incorporates a whole host of new features that add flexibility and allow the software to follow your worship leading, even if you decide to make changes on the spur of the moment. Read more »


Technologies for Churches with Limited Musician Resources, Part Three – iSingWorship

iSingWorship will provide you with great sounding music from top producers and musicians in congregationally-friendly keys. It will also automatically display the lyrics accurately in perfect sync (no need for separate video presentation software) and, most importantly, allow for highly flexible control of the music. You can even display the chords with the lyrics on screen to use if you play along. Read more »


Technologies for Churches with Limited Musician Resources, Part Two – Worship Band In Hand

Worship Band in Hand is a mobile app for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch).  A limited feature Android app is now available. It provides church and worship leaders with a backing band that can be tailored to their needs.  It’s a whole worship band that fits in your hand! Read more »


Technologies for Churches with Limited Musician Resources, Part One –

Churches with limited musician resources seem to be occurring in epidemic proportions. Also, many churches want to be able to utilize modern worship songs in their times of worship, but find it difficult to do so without proper instrumentation. Today, we have technologies available that provide great solutions for churches that need help. In the next five weeks, I will be talking about five great solutions. My first post is about one of the best resources available to worship musicians– Read more »

God Shows Up

What Happens to Your Order of Worship (Set List) When God Shows Up?

As people responsible for worship planning in the local church, we usually get very attached to the “order of worship” that we have designed for a given worship service. Some people may not use that terminology, but a “set list” or any other plan for the time of corporate worship is still basically, “the order of worship.” As worship leaders, we often get so ingrained in playing out each element in the plan, some to the point of allotting so many minutes and seconds to each part of the “production,” that we can lose the entire purpose of our time together–to worship the One who alone is worthy of our praise. Read more »

Hymnal Banner

When God Doesn’t Like Hymns

My friend and counterpart from the Kansas-Nebraska Convention,David Manner, pens a great article helping us look at worship that is pleasing to God.

Music that pleases God is not contingent on what we sing. It is, instead, pleasing to God because of the character and attitude of those who sing it. Read more »