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Church Music In Worship Era

The State of Church Music (in the Worship Era)

Several months ago, LifeWay Worship Director, Mike Harland, met with several of our State Worship & Music Directors to discuss, “The State of Church Music (in the Worship Era).” Read more

Intergenerational Unity

Worship for the Ages – Intergenerational Unity

I have written and spoken often about unified worship – worship that is neither tradition, contemporary, or blended. This form of worship is multi-generational and even multi-ethnic. There seems to be many churches today that have tired of dividing their congregations generationally for corporate worship. Indeed, all generations are finding great value in a multi-generational approach to worship. Read more »

State of Worship

The State of Worship in Baptist Churches

Over the past five years, I have had opportunity to visit many Baptist churches of varying sizes and worship styles. I have talked with worship leadership, many pastors, and associational missionaries. While there are many churches that seem to have vibrant, transformational worship, I have to say that my perception of the condition of worship in vast numbers of  Baptist churches (and beyond) is painfully disturbing and heart-breaking. Read more »

Generations Worship

Why Grandparents and Grandchildren Can’t Worship Together

I have written and spoken much about unified worship, where multiple generations and ethnicities can worship together. My friend and counterpart from the Kansas-Nebraska Convention, David Manner, pens a great article helping us look at those things that can divide our congregations’ worship and how that can be overcome. Read more »

one worship style

Six Reasons Some Churches Are Moving Back to One Worship Style

Thom Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, has observed six reasons some churches are moving back to one worship style. Take a look at his post: Read more »

Hymnal Banner

When God Doesn’t Like Hymns

My friend and counterpart from the Kansas-Nebraska Convention,David Manner, pens a great article helping us look at worship that is pleasing to God.

Music that pleases God is not contingent on what we sing. It is, instead, pleasing to God because of the character and attitude of those who sing it. Read more »

three generations

Worship That Divides – Ageism

Many churches choose to have worship that separates congregations by generations, such as a separate children’s worship or youth worship. Additionally, churches offer several styles of worship which often divide congregations along generational lines. I talked some about this in my Worship Summit video, Unified Worship.  Today, I share with you a blog post written by my friend, Dr. Paul Clark, Jr., Director of Worship & Music Ministries for Tennessee Baptist Convention, who confronts the problem of ageism head on.

Read more »


Deference Over Preference

I work with many multi-generational churches that are striving to achieve unified worship. To achieve true unity in worship, there must be much love and self-sacrifice. This article, written by my friend, Paul Clark, Jr., Director of Worship & Music Ministries for Tennessee Baptist Convention, sheds more light on the issue. Read more »

Unified Worship header

Unified Worship

Usually, when we begin to think about styles of worship, we think of Traditional, Contemporary, and Blended. UNIFIED worship may not look very different from blended worship on the outside, but looking on the inside, the difference is monumental. In unified worship we see a multi-generational and perhaps a multi-ethnic congregation worshipping in complete unity. Read more »

Unified Header

Food Court Worship – The Starvation of Church Unity

Several of my posts in the Worship Wars series talked about an ideal of Unified worship. In my experience with churches across North Carolina and other parts of the world, I continue to see members of congregations fighting among themselves to have worship their way and their way only. I have seen churches in major conflict and division. Worship should be the most unifying activity of the church, yet the deceiver has found a way to make it one of the most divisive ones.

Bruce Greer has written an excellent article which gives us more to think about when making decisions about worship in the local church. Read more »


Worship Wars 7: Unified Worship – Breaking Down the Barriers of Age and Ethnicity

Note: For best impact, begin with the first post of the Worship Wars series.

Many churches seem to have landed on what they feel is a solution for worship wars–provide differing styles of worship so that you can provide an option that meets most people’s personal preferences for worship. Indeed, Saddleback offers eight different worship styles options. As Tullian Tchividjian, pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, writes in his book, Unfashionable, “Building the church on age appeal…or stylistic preferences is as contrary to the reconciling effect of the Gospel as building it on class, race, or gender distinctions.” Is our effort to reach many through offering a variety of options in worship actually being counterproductive to the message of the gospel? Read more »