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iSingWorship Offers Yet Another Virtual Band Option for Churches with Limited Resources

In past posts, I have introduced several resources for leading worship when you do not have live musicians available. Each option has different advantages and disadvantages (I will be doing a close comparison of all these products in December). iSingWorship is a virtual worship band app, like Worship Band-in-Hand, that runs on iPhone or iPad platforms. Of the four virtual bands, it is by far the least expensive to use. Let’s take a look. Read more »

Worship Band in Hand

Worship Band-in-Hand Provides Another Virtual Worship Band Solution

Are you having trouble finding musicians for your worship band? Worship Band in Hand can fill your needs! Whether you need a drummer, a bassist, or a whole band, Worship Band in Hand can add what you’re missing as you play along. Worship Band in Hand (WBIH) is another one of the tools that churches with limited resources can utilize to provide great music for worship. (Take a look at the other products reviewed to date here.) Read more »


Fly Worship Is Another Great VIrtual Worship Band for Churches with Limited Resources

In past weeks, I talked about and Worship Backing Band–two great resources for churches with few musicians or for those times you are only left with a few or no musicians. Today, I am sharing with you a third solution–Fly Worship. Fly Worship, like Worship Backing Band, is a solution that uses a multi-track player that allows you to individually set levels or mute various parts of the band. Additionally, Fly Worship has accompanying pedals that allow you to manipulate the music “on the fly,” such as repeat a chorus, fade certain or all instruments, move to the end before the song would otherwise be complete, and more. When selecting the right solution for your setting, realize that each of the three products has very different features and capabilities.

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Worship Backing Band Offers Great Resources for Churches with Few or No Musicians

Does your church sometimes only have half a full band or even no band at all? Do you need something to fill in for missing musicians? Utilizing technology that is available to the church today can be an answer for churches with limited resources. I recently wrote about one such resource– (see post). Today, I would like to share with you several resources from Worship Backing Band. a sister company to Musicademy, the leading provider of instructional resources for musicians involved in worship. In future posts, I will explore additional resources for churches that are struggling with providing worship leadership. Read more »