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Flee traditional

Should All Churches Flee Traditional and Run to Contemporary Worship?

Last week’s post on the state of worship in Baptist churches created a number of comments suggesting that I believe that traditional worship is no longer a valid style of worship.

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State of Worship

The State of Worship in Baptist Churches

Over the past five years, I have had opportunity to visit many Baptist churches of varying sizes and worship styles. I have talked with worship leadership, many pastors, and associational missionaries. While there are many churches that seem to have vibrant, transformational worship, I have to say that my perception of the condition of worship in vast numbers of  Baptist churches (and beyond) is painfully disturbing and heart-breaking. Read more »

Two Churches #2

A Tale of Two Churches (Part Two)

Last week, I wrote about the church that looked healthy on the outside, yet had some serious issues with what was happening in worship (If you have not read the post, please read that now)

Now, the rest of the story:

That Sunday night, we attended the opening “session” of the worship conference at the second church in the same area. It was actually a worship service involving their choir and congregation with us being a part of the congregation. I cannot begin to express to you the difference in the two churches. Read more »

Two Churches #1

A Tale of Two Churches (Part One)

When we look at who we are today, we can often look back into our lives and find things–either good or bad–that have shaped our worldviews, our philosophies, our direction in life, or perhaps our concepts of who God is. I call these defining moments, or in the terms of Henry Blackaby, spiritual markers.

For me, a significant revelation of God occurred about fifteen years ago that forever shaped my views on worship and worship leading. Read more »

one worship style

Six Reasons Some Churches Are Moving Back to One Worship Style

Thom Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, has observed six reasons some churches are moving back to one worship style. Take a look at his post: Read more »

Hymnal Banner

When God Doesn’t Like Hymns

My friend and counterpart from the Kansas-Nebraska Convention,David Manner, pens a great article helping us look at worship that is pleasing to God.

Music that pleases God is not contingent on what we sing. It is, instead, pleasing to God because of the character and attitude of those who sing it. Read more »


If We Just Change Our Worship Style, the Church Will Grow Again

Often people feel that if they could just change their church’s worship style to be like the church across town or on television, the church will explode with growth. Read more »


What Worship Style Attracts the Millennials?

Thom Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, provides some great insights about worship and Millennials: Read more »


Deference Over Preference

I work with many multi-generational churches that are striving to achieve unified worship. To achieve true unity in worship, there must be much love and self-sacrifice. This article, written by my friend, Paul Clark, Jr., Director of Worship & Music Ministries for Tennessee Baptist Convention, sheds more light on the issue. Read more »


Conflict Over Styles of Worship?

As long as we have had organized church and people with personal preferences, there has been conflict over styles of worship. Take a look at this brief video that adds some humor to the conflict in worship. Read more »

Styles 2

What Style of Worship Is Appropriate for My Church?

Churches throughout the world are struggling with what style of worship is appropriate for their setting. Many churches find themselves dying, stuck to old forms of worship that once were very meaningful, yet now don’t seem to engage the people in meaningful worship nor speak a language that the unchurched can understand. In the 50’s and 60’s, worship was pretty similar among churches of the same denomination and most sang from a common source—the denominational hymnal. Read more »


Worship Wars 10: Should Churches Offer Differing Styles of Worship?

(Note: For best impact, begin with the first post of the series.)

Churches across our country have found a way to avoid worship wars in their church. The solution: offer worship services of varying styles so that everyone can attend a service that meets their personal preferences. It seems to make sense. We want to reach the community around us (missionary mentality), yet we do not want to impose new musical styles and other new forms of communication on those that prefer older forms of communication and music. This way, we can reach our community and keep our existing congregation content. Seems like a win-win. Maybe not. Read more »