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Worship Wars 4: It Might Be Time to Move Away from Tradition

Note: For best impact, begin with the first post of the Worship Wars series.

Worship is not all about style.  The style of music is merely a tool that we use to craft a worship experience that is conducive to true worship, much like a painter uses a palette of different colors to create a masterpiece. I have attended traditional and contemporary churches that really worship.  I have also attended both styles of worship services where the people seem cold and unaffected.  (see post, A Tale of Two Churches) Read more »


Worship Wars 3: Ending the Worship War without a Truce

Note: For best impact, begin with the first post of the Worship Wars series.

Ed Stetzer, of LifeWay Research, has written an excellent article on worship wars. There’s some great material here for our consideration as we dive into the issues surrounding the worship wars.

The reason worship wars exist is because the church thinks it is fighting for something permanent when it is actually temporary. Musical styles and service preferences are like a jacket that can be taken on or off depending upon the temperature. It is used only when needed. Read more »


Worship Wars 2: The Inner Struggle

Last week, when I started this series on “worship wars,” I entered with excitement about developing a series of posts that takes a hard look at styles of worship in the church. It’s time we really deal with the issues at hand.  I have been amazed and challenged at what God has impressed upon me as I have jumped head-first into confronting this ugly problem of the church. Read more »


Worship Wars

(This is the first article of a 10-part series)

Take a look at this excerpt from an U.S newspaper objecting to the new trends in church music:

There are several reasons for opposing it.
One, it’s too new.
Two, it’s often worldly, even blasphemous.
The new Christian music is not as pleasant as the more established style. Read more »

rehearsal 2

Should All Churches Flee Traditional and Run to Contemporary Worship?

Last week’s post on the state of worship in NC Baptist churches created an influx of comments to my inbox (it would really be great if all would share on this site for all to see ). One reader commented, “Why is praise and worship music the goal?”  I have read and re-read last week’s post, and I feel like I was as critical of contemporary worship as traditional worship, and I certainly was not suggesting that praise and worship music is the goal. Read more »