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rehearsal license

CCLI Rehearsal License

A big part of learning new songs is being able to get the “feel,” “flow” or style of a song. This can’t really be communicated effectively with typical chord sheets or lead sheets.

One of the best ways is to HEAR an original recording of the song (or a recorded version that you prefer). So a worship leader or music director would love to be able to make “rehearsal” copies of songs for each team member. There’s just one problem: unless you have permission, it’s not legal. Read more »


Is a CCLI License All My Church Needs to Be Copyright Compliant?

Today, I pose a question that is commonly asked concerning copyright compliance and licensing to our partners at CopyrightSolver:


My church has the CCLI license and I thought that, with that, we were copyright compliant. Now I’m hearing about other licenses. Why can’t we just get one to cover everything, and how do we know what we need? Read more »


Producing Legal CDs and DVDs in the Church (Part Two)

In a previous post, I discussed three licenses that must be understood if your church wishes to produce DVDs and CDs containing copyrighted music. Today, I will discuss which of these are needed for specific projects you may be considering. Read more »


The Church Musician and the Copyright Law

As we continue our discussion of copyright issues, I have included some excellent material from the Music Publishers Association that helps churches better understand the copyright law. Keep in mind that a CCLI license does cover you in several of these activities. See my previous post for particulars. Read more »

Projection Copyright

How to Properly Display Copyright Notices (for CCLI License Holders)

From my observation, it seems that the majority of churches are not in compliance with their CCLI license requirements when it comes to displaying the copyright information. Merely possessing a copyright license is not enough for your church to comply with the copyright laws. Proper display of copyright information is another important piece of legality. Today, I hope to clear up the misunderstandings of what is required.

Read more »


The CCLI License: What Is Legal and What is Not?

I am constantly asked questions about what is legal and what is not legal when it comes to making copies of music or lyrics in the church. My hope is that this post will make things clearer for everyone. Anytime you copy music or lyrics or distribute recordings of music that is copyrighted, you MUST get permission from the copyright owners. Christian Copyright Licensing International provides affordable solutions for churches in dealing with copyright issues.  Read more »