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Posts tagged ‘video in worship’


Video in the Church

In last week’s post on the use of video in the church, I asked two questions:

  1. Why would a church not embrace one of the most powerful forms of communication today?
  2. Why would we not speak the truth in a mode of communication that is best understood by our communities?

Once a church does decide that it wants to move forward and engage the culture with this form of communication, it is not merely enough to buy and install the equipment in the sanctuary. Read more »


Got Video?

I believe every church leader would say that their church wants to reach people for Jesus Christ. Yet we see a predominant practice of our churches using antiquated methods of communicating the gospel message. One very simple example is the use of video in the church. I would guess more than half of our churches do not utilize video as a form of communication in their worship services. Yet video is an integral part of our communication in the 21st century. Read more »